Last night and the night before I stayed in hospital as rooming with my little Baran to develop breastfeeding, but at the end she is not still interested anymore or more accurately she shows interest and do proper latching but still she is tiny and weak and she stars to be tired after a couple of sucking. Last night she was hungary and the nurse told me that she doesn't let to feed her until she does breastfeeding and Baran was yawning and lots of noises as she was hungary and I tried several times but she didn't take my breast and at the end I was devestated and I started to cry and magine, my little girl was looking me with wonders ad smile me . My God, I can't forget that moment . I very much love this little angel , she is all my world now. After feeding her and expressing milk , it was near 4 o'clock in the morning and I was dead tired, and I thought I can't sleep in hospital thus I called a taxi and I came home, although Jill -the nurse- told me that it's better to stay in hospital , but when I reached my bed at home I was feeling i am in heaven and I slept until 11 , then I went back to hospital at 2.30 pm. Last weeked, we bought her pram,pushchair and car seat and also her cot and changing table and yesterday we bought a carrying cot instead of mosses basket for her early months to give her more security during sleep. We just need to buy a drwer for her cloths and prepare her room. The other day, we went to Mamma's and Pappa's store and they had such a fantastic wallpapers for baby room, I can't wait to decorate her room in our new house. Now after two nights staying with my little one, I feel I missed her tonight, missed her very much ....Just keep praying that she will be enough strong to come home soon, enshallah.

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سلام دوست من عیدت مبارک وبلاگتونو دیدم خوشحالم که به روزش کردی منم 2 تا پست جدید دادم خیلی خیلی خوشحال میشم به وبم سر بزنین