Our little one has 5 teethes now. It seems she had cold since yesterday as she has the symptoms especially from today with running noise and lots of sneeze and coughs.


She is so cheeky and absolutely dangerous. She wants to touch everything and the most dangerous place is TV stand. She felt down yesterday and hit her head tonight as well. We need to do something for that.








Photos from 2 weeks a go when she turned 10 months)



Tomorrow I should take her for MMR vaccine (measles,

mumps and rubella). I was searching to have an idea about afterwards side effects which I found this article. It’s quite terrifying and I started to shake.

As soon as something even minor happens for BJ, even if she is coughing, my parents say my face turns to be white. I don’t know about my face, but my heart is burning. I can say that. This is not good, but I am so nervous and stressful about her and this made me nervous.


 One of the reasons that we argue with H a lot recently is about BJ. Both of us love her to the bits and as soon as something happens to her, we accuse & blame (esp. me) the other person for lack of care. My Dad is worse than all of us and as he loves BJ to the bits, he is accusing all of us that we don’t do a good care of her.


I feel thee days that the presence of grandparents is priceless but in a long term, it is really in your nerve. Four adults’ people want to decide about a baby which loves a lot.   


Correction: We took her for vaccination today and it wasn't MMR. Actually, they sent the wrong letter. it was vaccination for Hib/MenC. in next 4 weeks when she is 13 months, we should take her for MMR. This is the timetable of immunisation here.

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