Finally my little Baran had her PCV and MMR injection yesterday after 3 weeks delay. She was unwell during last 3 weeks and because of that we postponed her immunisation. Thanks God it was the last one until she will turn three. Yesterday I asked to weight her too and  I found she lost lots of weight . Now she is the same weight that she was 2 months ago. Although it was not very strange as she was sick nearly for a month and she didn't feed very well. Hopefully she will get back to normal now. Cross fingers for not any more virus and infection.

These days she changed a lot. She can understand everything and even when you talk about her she feels. When we call her from another room she replies. I say Baran and she says "ooooooooom" .....

In general she is very happy and socilasing baby. I feel she has an intersting character. As soon as one of us opens her/his labtop , she come and brings her head to look at the screen. Sometimes we show her photos and she smiles. She is laughing with her favourite cartoon characters including Mr.Tumble &






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