I asked Baran to listen to my 5 minutes presentation and ask me at the end some questions about my fellowship and what she thinks.

She listened very well and asked some questions that I am extremely impressed. Here are her questions:

1-    How many children do you need?

2-    Why this is important?

3-    What would be the difference in hospital?

4-    What don’t you like for your work and how you want to change it?  (And when I asked her about it what she thinks, she said the first part was boring!!)

5-    I thought you are going to do eye exams but you didn’t talk about eye at all and just talked about children??? 

Last year in ARVO, there was a section about “how do you explain your research to 12 years old?” and it was a nice and funny video that you can watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAfUMK9bSTE 

-   Notes of a very impressed and proud 6.5 years old little scientist!!

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