ِ A beatiful poem for my daughter

Poems to Help My Daughter Be Strong
 Along the Path of Life

"Always keep your goodness
and never lose your love.
For then,  you'll be rewarded with success 
in ways you never dreamed of."

"You can be head and shoulders above the crowd.
You don't have to be a giant to be strong.
Walk tall and proud.  All You have to be...
is someone people look up to,"

"In the course of time, you will be reminded 
that hard work gets goods results and keeping 
healthy is essential.
Know when to work your mind
and let your body relax, and know when doing just 
the opposite makes most sense.  Being able
to handle whatever life brings your way  is not a matter of coincidences."

"You've already got a good idea of what is expected 
of you and wished for you.  One of the best things 
you can accomplish on life's pathway is to be a 
walking example of the golden rule.  Don't let
anyone fool you into thinking that it is worthless;
it is one of the most valuable things you can do."

"You've got so many possibilities ahead!
Don't be too quick to limit your choices of what to do,
because you might limit your chances of unimagined joys 
that are just waiting for you."

" You've got a wonderful sense of humor and a good outlook on life.
Let those qualities help to see you  through when you're deciding where to 
go and you're not sure what to do"

"You've got a big heart.  Keep it filled with happiness.
You've got a fascinating mind. 
Keep finding new ways to grow.
Keep yearning.  Keep learning.  Keep trying.  Keep smiling.
And keep remembering that a parent's love goes with you...
every where you go. 

By Richard Douglas


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