I love the cloudy and rainy weather of England, but it was a long time that I wished to have some sunshine in the sky as there wasn’t any sign of summer here and since last week, the real summer started and more than sunshine, I feel the weather is so warm. Still it’s tolerable but now I wish I was in holiday next to beach!


I’m reaching the last trimester and I feel that my feet are swelling a little. Anyway, it’s an amazing time and in less than three months, we will meet our little one, how amazing it will be! I can’t get her out of my mind… Later this week, we are going to meet her again. I pray everything is going well. Now, deep in my mind, I’m not too much worry about the labour and pain, I’m just imagining the moment she will be in my arm. It’s strange, until a few weeks ago I had no idea about her but now, I can imagine how she will be look like!

The only thing that makes me worry is that why she is not kicking or moving too much, maybe I don’t feel it, anyway, I just wish and pray to have a healthy baby, nothing else is important!  


Yesterday, finally I made a list of the basic stuffs that we need to buy and prepare before her arrival and thus lots of shopping will be in our schedule for next two weeks. I bought plenty of cloths for her so far, but still every time I’m going out I love to buy another thing, how cute are these little stuff!!


Our guest room is ready now, and we just need to do a few changes in our study room, as we are not going to make a separate room for her as enshallah we are going to move to a new place in the new year after Christmas and by that time, she is just 3 months, then she will have a new nursery room!

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