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باران- رحمت خدا


Today Baran is 5 months old officially. Still every time I am looking at her, it reminds me the long way that we came together. And sometimes I think it’s better as it gives you the feeling to appreciate her presence more. She is my miracle.

Last week we went for routine check up, and apart from keeping her head when she is in tummy which she absolutely hates it, in the rest of developmental skills she was in the range of 5-6 months old babies which is very good with considering how hard she started.  For her growth, although she is in the normal line in growth chart, but still I feel she is tiny. Maybe it’s just motherhood feelings….

From last week, I started to introduce some new things for weaning and we found that she really hates carrot and apple. Her face is so funny when you give her some apple juice. But she loves chicken with rice and veg. I made for her some organic puree with potato and rice and carrot and some apple puree too, but I found she doesn’t like them. Now, I’m using Hipp organic baby food. She likes some of them. I think she is a little fussy with food.

From a few nights ago, we move her to her cot upstairs at nights as she sleeps better and just wakes up once a night for feeding.  

Last week the weather was great here and we went for walking nearly every day and she loves it.


And last but not least, this Nowrooz is her first Eid and we are proudly honored to have her and so happy to seat next to our haft seen with our little angel. Thanks God for everything. I wish a great year full of happiness, success and health for everyone. I pray God keep our baby and all the babies safe and sound, enshallah.


Happy New Year !


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