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باران- رحمت خدا


Oh, my little almond , Now you are at a size of Orange , I think. I read today that we are starting the dance period now. This means that you have started moving vigorously,and it siad even in response to stimuli from outside of my body , such as light and noise you are moving. But I won't be able to feel this action until well into my second trimester.Then , I should ask your Daddy to be more gentle with you. He used to check you frequently with lots of kisses & funny noise !! So funny .... I think you are nearly in this shape:

I can't wait to see you, and unpatiently we are waiting to recieve a letter from hospital to see your first scan. Couple of nights ago, I filled anonline questionare which predicts your gender, and you know the results , you are 50% boy & 50% girl, Haaaahaaa! But Baba says you are a boy, and your Daddy thinks you are a girl , and me , it doesn't matter, I wish and pray just you will be healthy ! Ok, I wish next 4 weeks also passed, and then I will feel more energitic and better. These days , I feel just tired and just love to sleep all the days, and although it's morning sickness, but most of the times I have this sick feeling all the evenings , it starts from around 7 pm until I go to bed. Ok, I will write more later , I should go back to my work, Sleep safe and grow fast my little beatiful almond !


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