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باران- رحمت خدا

+ Happy Birthday 6th month

Today is the day that my little walnut was born 6 months ago in a rainy August day. And last night we celebrated that with a mini cake. When I look to the past 6 months, from one side I feel it was ages ago and from another point of view I feel it was just yesterday. Such a difficult and stressful time was then. I am looking at her old pictures and I can’t believe she is the same baby. Imagine to be born 11 weeks premature, such a long way she came with all those 2 long months staying in NICU and thousand times thanks God that she is with us and healthy. Now she can hold her head even when we put her in the chest which is great.

 It’s 6 months now that I am living with this machine.


Initially when Baran was in hospital, I tried for 2 weeks to see if she can do feeding and latching with breast but it was unsuccessful and as mother breast milk is the best source of nutrition for babies especially premature babies to boost up their immune system, I continued to express milk, although her doctor was wondering how did I keep my milk supply for an electrical machine!! Anyway, my initial goal was 3 months, then I extended to 6 months and now I am thinking to express milk for another extra month until New year Eve for the sake of her, although her pediatrist believes we should give her more nutriperm formula as it contains more minerals than EBM. Anyway, I will keep living with pump extra month, although it is painful, very time consuming and I absolutely feel tired, but I should continue.


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