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باران- رحمت خدا


My dearest baby, I hope I weren't made you tired and uncomfortable these days, although I do all my best to keep you safe and thanks God, everyone around me that know I am carrying you ,just care too much. I can't believe how much... To night my advisor invited me and a few of his friends for dinner and I didn't know that he knows I am pregnant, probably my supervisior told him. Anyway, he told me that I should care myself too much these days and don't make myself tired and then he said he loved to be obstericans and did some training and he said:"Lets me guss how far you are pregnant from your tommy" and he said you look like 20 weeks ! He was absoultly correct ! I told him that I am worry that i'm not feeling any movement and he said :It's fine , you shouldn't feel until next 2-3 weeks and everyone believed that I look amazing ! That's great to be around the people that re assures you ! Many thanks God !! And I bought lots of beatiful cloths for you from here, something like 10 pairs and a few toys and some other things ! I can't wait to see you .... God bless you !

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