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Finally the moment of truth arrived , and today we went to do the first scan of our baby. We were both a little anxious, but it seemed that the daddy was more. And intersting news was that although I thought I was 11 weeks pregnant, we found from tomorrow it will be my 15th weeks, We missed three weeks ! During the scan I was just praying and i don't know why tears came out of my eyes. Then finally, they showed me the scan , it was a lovely baby with big head and full body & lots of movements. We were just so excited. Then, we printed a photo , although the baby moved a lot and it was difficult to have a picture with full body. Then , we waited to have the results, and then see a midwife. Here was the worst part . After waiting 10 minutes, one of the registerar came to talk to us and he said they 've seen Aminotic band in the scan which normally shouldn't be there and just 1 out of 1200 pregnancy has it. It can be dangerous as it can limit the movements of limbs and cause deformity, but in our case the scan showed that th baby is moving all right and band is far from him , and the risk is max by 12 weeks and we passed it , but we should wait for final assurance by week 20. By this time, I was just stressful and trying not to cry. Anyway, when the doctor found how much we are worry, he made us another coule appointments before week 20. From evening, I just read all pages about this "innocent aminotic band" and "aminotic band syndrome" , and just cry . We just pray to have a healthy baby. God please help us ! PS , The baby was very beatiful and me and hubby both agree that it seems like a boy even from this early stages, and we are just fall in love with him ! God, please keep him safe and sound , I don't want anything else. I don't know how to wait until next three weeks which is our next meeting , and this period is vital ! The doctor said there is no known reason fo aminotic band , but when we read further , there is a suggestions that trauma to abdoman can cause it, and as I didn't know I was pregnant, I went to gym in my first month every day with attending in lots of silly classes like pilate and attack body , Was it my mistake ???????



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